A trip to see the Terracotta Warriors

Liverpool Centre

The Terracotta Warriors, 兵马俑 (bīng mă yŏng), have come to Liverpool for the first time in 30 years and we were very fortunate to take 30 of our students to the Exhibition on Wednesday the 14th March 2018. The tickets for the students and the staff were generously funded by Edge Hill University’s Confucius Institute and we are very grateful to them for securing these tickets for us.

The students at Belvedere have previously learnt about the history concerning the first emperor of China 秦始皇 (Qín Shĭ Huáng) and the vast army that he created to protect him in the afterlife. Additionally, the exhibition that students visited also showcased objects from one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries and gave students an insight of almost 1,000 years of Chinese history.

Below are some comments from the students that attended.

“Thank you Edge Hill and Swire for the wonderful experience. I loved it. I loved seeing the real Terracotta Warriors. How exciting!”

“Thank you so much for funding the trip to see the Terracotta Warriors. I learnt about the history of the warriors and enjoyed seeing all of the statues and how they were made. Also it is amazing to know how special they are in Chinese history.”

“I enjoyed the Terracotta Warriors exhibition the most because of how interesting and mysterious they were and they are.”

“I had fun with my friends, I enjoyed seeing Terracotta Army and looking at different styles and ranks of the soldiers.”

“Thank you Edge Hill and Swire for the wonderful experience. I enjoyed learning the history of the Terracotta Warriors and I have taken lots of pictures to show my friends and family.”

“I enjoyed learning about all the different things that were buried amongst the soldiers.”

“I enjoyed seeing the actual Terracotta warriors. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to look at the other exhibitions such as the Egyptian one.”

“I enjoyed seeing the Terracotta Warriors the most because they are so old and tall, as well as they were under ground for over 2000 years.”

I would like to thank Edge Hill University for their tickets, Swire for their support and funding, as well as all the staff and students involved.

Miss Behrens

Senilka – Student

"I enjoyed the Terracotta Soldiers because it was fascinating to learn about Chinese history."