From September 2017 the teachers at Gosforth Academy have developed a new programme of Chinese language and culture for the students in the local area. The programme is designed to allow the youngest children to explore the language through movement and games in a supportive and creative environment.

At North Gosforth Academy (the newest member of The Gosforth Federated Academies Ltd), our 9 students have recently sent and received their first letters from a group of students in Anhui province in China. Over the next 6 months they will be able to ask questions about Chinese culture and find out about how their pen pals live.

In addition to the Chinese teaching, we recently invited parents of our students to our first ‘Parent Showcase’ event, where we had performances by students and mini workshops telling the stories behind the characters they had studies. The showcase was a great success and we are setting them up in all our schools to help parents engage in their children’s education.